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Enhance your Home with our Electrical Accessories and Wiring Solutions

When it comes to home improvement and interior design, electrical and wiring accessories are items that can often be overlooked but are crucial in the performance and appearance of your home.  In this article, we will demonstrate the benefits of integrating the best switches and dimmers, premium finish sockets, DIY lighting kits and matching plug sockets in your home.

What can our Electrical Accessories offer you?

Dimmers and Switches – Illuminating your Home

The correct lighting can elevate any area in your home. Lighting can help to create a variety of different environments in your home. Choosing the correct dimmers and switches helps you to customise how intense your lighting is, you can create the perfect cosy setting that is intimate, or you can choose to light the space in more of a well-lit style to provide a space suitable for working and productivity. We stock traditional as well as the more modern style dimmers which are not only functional but also energy-efficient that can be controlled simply by touch.  

Premium Finish Sockets – Style and Function

It is important to ensure that your sockets are functional, but aesthetics are also key. We stock premium finish sockets which are aimed at blending in with your home décor. We offer a wide range of premium socket finishes to suit the style of your home and the individual themes and decoration of each room. Our premium sockets are available in white or metallic finishes sourced from respectable electrical brands. 

DIY Lighting Kits – Creativity!

If you enjoy a do-it-yourself approach to improving your home, a DIY lighting kit is a must-have. These kits come with all the essential components, enabling you to customise your lighting fittings to match your taste and the overall theme of your home. The DIY lighting kits are complete with step-by-step instructions so even those new to DIY can expand their knowledge and expertise. We recommend the Integral RGB Plug and Play Colour Changing LED Strip Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to install yourself and is made up of a 5-metre RGB Strip Light made up of 30 LEDs.

What are the different Electrical Accessories we offer?

At Lightsave Home, we have a vast selection of Electrical, Wiring and Dimming Accessories to fulfil your electrical needs. We have experienced staff on hand to help you choose the correct accessory that you may require to suit your desired look or function.

We sell a wide range of high-quality sockets and dimmers. If you are looking for increased functionality of a socket with a flawless finish; try the Knightsbridge Screwless Switch Socket with Dual USB Charger. This socket enables you to charge your phone or other devices using the USB socket as well as supplying electricity to your other electrical goods, keeping all your devices and appliances in one place.

If you are keen to be able to dim your lighting using a traditional dimmer switch, check out this MLA Knightsbridge 1 Gang White Dimmer Switch. This dimmer switch helps you to effortlessly control the ambience in the rooms in your home, helping you to create the perfect environment for a variety of situations.

An excellent electrical accessory that can add convenience and security to your home lighting is the TCP Smart Wifi Motion Sensor. This sensor detects movement day and night and can be set up to give you phone alerts when the motion sensor is triggered. You can use this product to add a layer of security to your home or enhance the functionality of your smart home products.

Why Choose Lightsave Home for your Electrical Products?

Customer Service – Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our friendly and dedicated team is passionate about assisting our customers so that they can choose the products that are right for them and address any concerns promptly. We are committed to our customers.

Quality Assurance – We are extremely diligent in selecting the products that we offer. Our commitment to excellent quality ensures the excellent function and durability of our products. We sell reputable brands and are dedicated to bringing you products that meet and exceed your expectations.

30 years' experience – With three decades of experience in selling lighting and electrical products we have proven our ability to adapt to changing technologies and trends and have continued to maintain our excellent knowledge and service throughout. Our experience is a key reason why you should choose us for all your Electrical accessory needs.

30-day return policy – We know that sometimes, despite our best efforts, products might not meet your requirements. We offer a hassle-free returns policy which you can read in full here. If you are not completely happy with your purchase or there is a fault with the item, we are here to help and guide you.

Contact Lightsave Home for all your Electrical Products

Want to discuss anything further or need some more help and support? Feel free to contact our sales office on  0118 939 3218 and we will do our best to help you. If speaking on the phone is not convenient for you, we also have a live chat service on our website where you can speak to a real person and not a chatbot. We look forward to hearing from you!