LED Spots

Why should you buy LED Spotlights from the Lightsave Home Store?

Our Lightsave Home store is the perfect place for you to upgrade your home lighting. At Lightsave we have over three decades of industry experience and pride ourselves on our customer service. Our team of experts are adept at offering you lighting advice, with their expert lighting knowledge and devotion to ensuring the best customer experience. 

We have extensive experience in working closely with individuals at home and within the hospitality industry with their lighting projects. We specialise in helping our customers make their homes or businesses more energy efficient with the installation of LED Spot lighting and ensure that we are constantly at the forefront of understanding and supplying new lighting technologies and innovations. At Lightsave, we only sell reputable brands and have a well-stocked warehouse ready for your illumination requirements. 

We are happy to speak to you over the phone or you can chat live for support on our website. We are here to help you with all of your LED Spotlight needs. 

What are the benefits of LED Spotlights?

LED Spotlights are designed to give light in a specific direction which makes them excellent for creating a focused, precise, and directional beam of light. This means that they are perfect for creating accent lighting, task lighting or highlighting specific areas and objects. 

LED Spotlights are also known for being highly energy efficient, replacing the traditional halogen and incandescent lamps. LED Spotlights can convert a significant amount of energy into light which results in lower energy consumption in comparison to their traditional counterparts. In addition to this, LED Spotlights generally have a longer lifespan than other lights and can often last thousands of hours, meaning that less is less maintenance and lamp replacement. 

Many LED Spotlights in our Lightsave Home store are dimmable, which gives you the freedom to adjust the lighting in your home spaces, making them suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. They are extremely versatile lamps and can be used in a wide range of applications. 

What are the different types of LED Spotlights? 

LED Spotlights come in a range of sizes and beam angles, and each can be used in different applications. At the Lightsave Home store, we stock several different LED Spotlights. Read below to understand the different types of spotlights. 

LED GU10 - GU10 spotlights are a type of light fixture commonly used in residential and commercial settings. The term "GU10" refers to the type of base these lights have. GU10 bulbs have a twist-and-lock base with two small pins spaced 10mm apart. This design is standard for many spotlights and downlights.

LED MR16 – MR16s have a 16mm space between the two thin pins on the base. They feature a multifaceted reflector (MR) and usually operate on a low voltage which means that they require an additional transformer or driver to reduce the voltage from the mains voltage. Some MR16s are designed to work on mains voltage without the need for an additional transformer. They are known for their versatile application and compact size. 

LED MR11 – MR11s are similar to MR16s in that they also have a multifaceted reflector. They have an 11mm space between the two pins at the base. They are generally smaller than MR16s which means they are excellent for areas where there is limited space. They are often used in track, display and decorative fittings. 

LED AR111 – AR111s are larger than the other LED Spotlights previously mentioned, they have a diameter of 111mm and are often used for highlighting specific areas. AR111s are known for their wider beam angles and are thus often used in areas where a broader spread of light is desired. 

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If you are looking to transform your home to become more energy-efficient, LED Spotlights are a great place to start. LED lighting technology is an excellent way to ensure longevity and environmental sustainability in your home. Explore our range of LED Spotlights to transform your home, office, or commercial space. Illuminate your home with LEDs and see the brilliant benefits for yourself