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Get Smart! Control the illumination in your home using Smart Home Lighting.

Experience the power of Smart Home Lighting, a groundbreaking development that will transform the way you illuminate your home. With Smart Home devices and technology, you can effortlessly control your lighting from anywhere, eliminating the need to leave your seat or change rooms. These innovative devices, powered by Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity, can turn your entire home into a Smart Automated Home. Not only does Smart Lighting offer the flexibility to create a brighter, more ambient, or even more colourful home, but it also helps you save on energy costs. With remote control capabilities, you can easily manage which lights are on or off and set up triggers based on daylight hours, voice commands, and motion sensors. Take charge of your lighting and electricity expenses with greater control over your home's illumination. Embrace the future of efficient and effortless home lighting!

What are the benefits of Smart Home Technology?


Enhance your home's energy efficiency with the power of Smart Home Technology. By installing Smart Home lighting, you gain the ability to effortlessly dim your lights. Whether it's manually through the app or by voice using your smart speaker you have complete control. Imagine reducing energy consumption by automatically turning off lights in unoccupied rooms until motion is detected again. This level of control, combined with the installation of energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, allows you to lower energy usage and save money without compromising on brightness.  

Security and Safety 

The installation of Smart Home devices also leads to increased safety. Smart Home Lighting can be managed remotely, so you can set up your lighting to behave as if someone is still there. An illuminated home can be a deterrent to intruders whilst lights that react to motion can ward off unwelcome guests.

Style, Comfort and Colour 

Additionally, Smart Home Technology is perfect for adding more comfort, style and colour to your home. Smart Home Devices can be set to align with your daily routine; setting the lights to a warm glow for when you wake up and dim lighting in the evening. You can also personalise the lighting using pops of colour to add a sense of style or set the lighting for a specific mood; watching a movie, reading or having a party. Certain colours of lighting have been proven to have different benefits; e.g. certain colours can improve sleep quality and help to create a calmer, more ambient home. All this shows that being able to control the colour of your lighting is certainly more than a cool gimmick! 


Another excellent benefit of Smart Home Lighting is that it adds convenienceto your life. You can control your lighting from anywhere and even manage your lighting by using voice control features like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Hey Siri without the need to get out of your seat or having to go from room to room checking that all of the lights in the home are off. This characteristic of Smart Home Lighting also means you can control multiple lights in your home at once with ease.

What are the different types of Smart Home Lighting?  

Smart Home Lighting is available in a wide variety of styles and can fit multiple types of existing fittings. They are easy to install in your existing fixtures and are available in many lightbulb shapes. We have a wide range of Smart Home Lightbulbs suitable for an indoor setting; including the more traditional lightbulb or ‘GLS’ shape, GU10 bulbs, usually used in spotlight fittings, strip lights that can be installed under cabinets as well as the smaller golf ball and candle shapes, usually used in lamps and light fittings. You can browse our Smart Home Lighting range online.  

If you’re looking for a flexible, simple and adaptable Smart Lighting solution that can be used in several different areas, Smart Strip Lighting is an excellent option for you. Smart Strip lights can be used to create ambient lighting, cabinet underlighting, and backlighting and can be used to outline wall panels, ceilings, mirrors, pictures, displays and more. The ribbon style means that they can be shaped to fit many different spaces and are also available for indoor and outdoor use. Discover our range of Smart Strip Lighting at Lightsave Home Store

Smart Light Fixtures are available in various shapes and sizes, perfect for installation in different spaces. This includes Smart light ceiling panels, surface-mounted ceiling lights, table lamps and picture lights. Whatever your Smart Home Lighting needs, we can help. Visit our website to explore our Smart Home Light fixtures. 

Smart Home Lighting is not only for inside your home, you can also add colour, style and greater control to your outdoor lighting with outdoor wall lights, strip lights, lanterns, posts and bollards. Whilst Smart Lighting is a great way to add an extra layer of security outside your home. Also available on our site are smart control motion sensors and Smart Home devices and systems that have integrated lighting and security cameras. We stock a wide range of Smart Outdoor Lighting and outdoor Smart Accessories to bring colour and convenience to your outdoor living spaces. Not forgetting the added security!

Why Choose Lightsave for your Smart Home Lighting?  

Customer Service –At Lightsave, customer experience is our absolute priority. We can offer quality advice to support your understanding of the best Smart Home Products for you. Our expertise and knowledge and our dedication to customer satisfaction make us a superb choice to supply your Smart Home Lighting needs.   

Quality Assurance –We are committed to supplying products of excellent quality and because of this we only stock reputable products from leading brands in Smart lighting and electrical products.   

30 years experience – We have been trading for over 30 years and have expert experience in the supply of lightbulbs and electrical goods. We are an independent electrical wholesaler, and we carry a vast amount of stock. Our experience means that we are the perfect supplier for all your Smart Home Lighting needs.   

30-day return policy -  We allow 14 days after the delivery for you to change your mind and let us know if you wish to return the item(s) for a refund. Please read our full Returns Policy  

Contact Lightsave Home for all your Smart Home Lighting  

If you require any more help or guidance when it comes to Smart Home Lighting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our helpful and friendly staff are available via phone at 0118 939 3218. If you would prefer, we also have a live chat service on our website where you can speak to a real person and not a chatbot. We look forward to hearing from you