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Say goodbye to outdated fixtures and wave hello to a new era of efficient illumination. LED battens are an ideal way to transform any environment into a brilliantly lit space. With their superior performance and extensive lifespan, LED battens are a great choice for those wanting to enhance their lighting arrangements. 

Traditional battens struggled to provide sufficient brightness. Thanks to the evolution in LED technology, you can now enjoy LED illumination that is more powerful and consistent. Experience the full potential of LED lighting and be amazed by the outstanding brightness it provides. 

The advantages don’t end there! LED battens offer exceptional brightness but also boast superior durability and longevity, outliving conventional fittings by up to fifty times. Imagine the savings you will make over time by choosing to light your home and office with these sustainable solutions. With LED Battens you can brighten your space knowing that you are enhancing the energy efficiency in your home all the while making cost savings. 

It’s time to embrace the brilliance of LED Battens! Amplify your lighting experience and cultivate a welcoming and bright atmosphere in your workplace or home! 

What are the benefits of LED Battens?

  1. Versatile design - LED Battens are a long lighting fixture that has a narrow tube-shaped structure, designed to house LED tubes. These fittings are an excellent way to light your home as they can be fit in a wide range of areas, they are suitable for garage lighting, hallways, utility rooms, kitchens, workshops, home gyms, offices etc.
  1. Energy Efficient - The LED technology in LED battens means that they are energy efficient as they use less electricity to light your home, as well as this, they have a very long lifetime which means that you don’t need to replace them as often as their traditional counterparts, only furthering their cost efficiency. Their LED technology also means they power up instantly unlike traditional battens and they are very easy to install, making them a practical choice.
  1. Available in a variety of lengths - LED Battens are available in a range of different sizes/lengths; the most common being 4FT, 5FT and 6FT. This means that you can choose a length of fitting that is perfect for the areas in your residential or commercial properties.
  1. Slim and Sleek Design - LED Battens have a slim and sleek design which can contribute to a modern aesthetic in your home. You can use battens to contribute to the ambience of your home as many battens offer dimmability as a feature. This makes them an excellent solution to add some warmth to your home.

What are the different types of LED Battens? 

At the Lightsave Home Store, we offer a range of LED Battens. The information below explains some of the different types of LED Battens that are available. 

Slimline LED Battens - Also known as slimline LED linear fixtures, these sleek options offer a more streamlined design compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. This makes them perfect for a wide range of settings, from homes and offices to factories and schools. With colour temperature options ranging from a cosy warm white (3000K) to bright daylight (6500K), these fixtures do not emit excess heat, making them an excellent choice for food processing and temperature-sensitive environments.

Single / Twin Fitting -  LED Battens are available in either single or twin options. The difference between these two options is the number of lamps or tubes that can be accommodated. A single batten can hold a single tube whereas a twin batten is designed to hold two. Twin battens usually provide an increased total light batten compared to single battens as well as twin battens usually being longer or wider.  With the latest advancements in LED technology, you now have the option to choose the wattage output on LED battens. This feature allows you to effortlessly switch between simulating a single or twin fitting with just a flick of a switch.

Emergency LED Battens - Emergency LED battens are lighting fixtures that are equipped with emergency lighting functionality. These battens are designed to provide illumination during power outages or emergencies when the main power supply fails. They are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings where maintaining adequate lighting during emergencies is crucial for safety and security.

Non-Corrosive – LED Battens which are non-corrosive are a type of light fixture that is designed to resist corrosion in environments where exposure to moisture, salt or corrosive substances is a worry. These fixtures are specifically designed to resist rust over time. Non-corrosive LED battens are ideal for applications where durability and resistance to environmental factors are important considerations, such as outdoor lighting, industrial facilities, warehouses, parking garages, and food processing plants.

Why should you buy LED Battens from the Lightsave Home Store?

The Lightsave Home Store is a great place to buy your LED Battens. We stock a range of battens of different lengths from 1ft to 6ft to provide whatever your batten needs. Furthermore, the battens we supply are only those of the highest quality as we only stock leading manufacturers in the lighting industry such as Ansell, Philips, Bell, V-Tac, Crompton and Kosnic. Choosing the Lightsave Home store to purchase your LED Battens ensures that your purchase will be of the highest quality; durable and reliable. 

Our team is exceptionally well trained and can offer you expertise that can support you in making your decision about which LED Batten to purchase. We are here to help you make your home more sustainable and will ensure that you are happy with the choices you make when it comes to lighting your home. Our dedication to our customers is present for the whole purchasing process, customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority to us.  

Installing LED Battens is a great way to modernise your home and ensure that your light fittings are energy efficient. Their retrofit design and easy installation make for an easy switch towards a sustainable home. Purchase your LED Battens from our Lightsave Home Store and start making your home greener.

Contact Lightsave for all your LED Batten requirements.

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