LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting: Creativity Through Illumination

Transform for spaces with LED Strip Lighting. Say goodbye to conventional lighting solutions and enter the world of dynamic, colourful, and vibrant illumination. LED Strip Lights are an excellent choice for personalising and enhancing your lighting setup at home. LED Strip Lights have a flexible design with easily customisable features, making them the perfect solution for you to add creativity and style to your spaces. 

Huge strides in LED Technology have meant that lighting is no longer held back by fixed features, you can now use your imagination and creativity to add colour and style to your home with ease. Experience the potential of LED Strip Lighting and the extensive possibilities they offer in any room in your home, from kitchen lighting to bedroom lighting.

Led Strip Lights are easy to install and even easier to control, they provide vibrant and versatile illumination whilst boasting energy efficiency and long lifetimes meaning money and energy savings over time. 

Explore the versatility of LED Strip Lighting today! Upgrade your lighting set up at home or in your office and witness the fun and radiance of LED Strip Lights. Utilise these LED Strip lights to show off your creativity through illumination! 

What are the benefits of LED Strip Lighting?

LED Strip Lighting is renowned amongst LED lighting for being a straightforward solution to creating some ambience, colour, and style in your home. Read below to find out more about their benefits. 

  1. Easy Installation - LED Flexi tape is an effortless lighting solution. Many LED Strip Lights have a simple peel-and-stick setup which means their installation is super straightforward and quick. Their easy fitting is coupled with the fact that they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home; under cabinets in the kitchen, under the TV in your living room, on top of bookcases and shelves in bedrooms, the list goes on, they really can be put anywhere.
  1. Remote Controlled - LED Strip Lighting is also available with remote control features which means that you can have easy control of your lighting. Furthermore, LED Strip Lighting is available in a range of different colours and dimmable options. This remote-control functionality as well as the colour options means that you can dim and colour your home in any way you want; to create ambience, brightness or fun. Some LED Strip Lighting options can even be integrated with existing Smart Home systems, making them an ideal way to enhance the Smart features of your home.
  1. Energy Efficiency - LED Strip Lighting is well known for its adaptability and energy efficiency. They use much less electricity compared with traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, which means a reduced carbon footprint and energy bills. In addition to this, LED Strip Lighting has a long lifespan, meaning they have very little maintenance.

What are the different types of LED Strip Lighting? 

There are several options at the Lightsave Home Store when it comes to LED Strip Lighting, ranges of colours, and Smart options make them a wonderful lighting solution. Read more below about the different types of LED Strip Lighting. 

Single Colour – These LED Strip Lights emit one colour and are available in a variety of different white colours: warm, cool etc. as well as multiple colour options such as red, green, blue and so many more. This makes LED Strip Lights perfect for accent lighting. 

RGBW/ Colour Changing – Red, Green, Blue and White (RGBW) LED Strips have multiple different colour diodes on one strip which means that they can provide a range of different colours by combining different levels of light from the three primary colours. Colour-changing LED Strip Lights can be used to create colour-changing and dynamic lighting effects in your home. 

Tunable White – These LED Strip Lights allow you to adjust the colour temperature of the light. They can be adjusted between cool white and warm white, which makes them ideal for creating a range of atmospheres in your home. 

Smart LED – Smart LED Strip Lights can be programmed and controlled using the latest Smart Technology. They are available in options that are compatible with voice control, mobile phone apps and other Smart Home systems which means they can be used to customise the illumination in your home. 

Waterproof (IP65 Rated)– There are a range of options with LED Strip Lighting that are waterproof or water resistant. This means that they are designed to withstand exposure to moistness and compensation, making them perfect for outdoor lighting or bathroom installation. 

Why should you buy LED Strip Lighting from the Lightsave Home Store?

Buy your LED Strip Lighting from the Lightsave Home Store! The Lightsave team have 30 years of experience in the lighting and electrical wholesaling industry, making us adept at helping to resolve any questions that you have about LED Strip Lighting as well as supporting you every step of the way in your plans to create a more stylish, energy-efficient home through lighting. Our team are dedicated to outstanding customer service and are committed to your satisfaction. 

LED Strip Lighting, also known as LED Flexi Strip, is a creative way to add some decoration and fun to your home through lighting. We have partnered with lighting industry leader Integral to bring you the greatest quality LED Strip Lights which can provide you with exceptional illumination in your home. We also stock other reputable brands such as Sensio, Ansell, and Crompton. These manufacturers offer LED Strip Lighting of the highest quality so you can rest assured that the lighting in your home will be long-lasting, and of a remarkable standard.

Contact Lightsave for all your LED Strip Lighting requirements.

LED Strip lighting is a modern, sleek and fun way to add illumination to your home whilst also being incredibly energy-efficient and easy to install. Get in contact with the Lightsave Home Store now to purchase your LED Strip Lights. Want some help? Contact us at 0118 939 3218 to find out more about LED Strip Lighting or any other lighting needs. Or if you would prefer, please use our live chat feature where you can speak to a member of our team. We’re here to help!